Technische Universität München (TUM)

Technische Universität München (TUM)


Technische Universität München (TUM), also known as Technical University of Munich, is a prestigious public research university and Germany’s flagship university of technology. Founded in 1868, it boasts a rich history of cutting-edge research, strong industry partnerships, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Technische Universität München (TUM) campuses are located in Munich, Garching, Freising, Heilbronn, Straubing, and Singapore, with the Garching campus housing major research facilities. It is consistently ranked among the top universities in Europe and globally, known for its excellence in engineering, technology, medicine, and natural sciences.

BBA Programmes:

TUM doesn’t offer traditional Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) programs. However, several options provide a strong foundation in business and technology:

  • Bachelor of Science in Management (B.Sc. in Management): Focuses on areas like economics, finance, marketing, and operations within a technical context. Offered at the TUM School of Management.
  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering): Combines engineering principles with business knowledge for managing complex production systems and processes. Offered at the TUM Department of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering Economics (B.Sc. in Engineering Economics): Combines engineering expertise with economic analysis and financial decision-making skills. Offered at the TUM Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering.

These programs offer excellent career prospects in technology-driven industries and consulting firms.


TUM offers a variety of scholarships for national and international students, including merit-based scholarships, need-based scholarships, and regional scholarships. You can find detailed information and application deadlines on their website:


Tuition fees for Bachelor’s programs at TUM are currently free for German and EU citizens. However, international students are subject to tuition fees, which can vary depending on the program. Additional costs include living expenses and health insurance.

Admission Time:

Applications for most Bachelor’s programs at TUM are typically accepted between November and January for the following academic year. Early application is recommended due to program competitiveness.

Admission Requirements:

National and International Students:

  • High school diploma with excellent grades, particularly in mathematics and sciences.
  • Proof of English proficiency (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS) may be required.
  • Standardized test scores (e.g., SAT, ACT) may be required for some programs.
  • Strong academic record and personal statement demonstrating an interest in technology and innovation.
  • Visa and health insurance requirements for international students.

For detailed admission requirements and application procedures, visit the TUM website:

Benefits for International Students:

Studying at TUM offers numerous benefits for international students, including:

  • World-class education: Learn from renowned professors and gain access to cutting-edge research facilities.
  • International environment: Be part of a diverse student body with opportunities to network and exchange ideas.
  • Strong career prospects: Benefit from TUM’s excellent reputation and industry connections for high-demand careers.
  • Experience Germany: Live in a beautiful and vibrant country with a rich cultural heritage and thriving economy.

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