Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University

Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University

Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University: A Comprehensive Overview


Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University) is a renowned medical institution in Russia, established in 1755. It is the oldest and one of the most prestigious medical universities in the country, boasting a rich history and a reputation for excellence in medical education and research. Named after Ivan Sechenov, the “father of Russian physiology,” Sechenov University is a leading center for training medical professionals, scientists, and researchers.

Engineering Programs:

Sechenov University primarily focuses on medical education and does not offer traditional engineering programs. However, the university offers several programs in biomedical engineering, which combine medical knowledge with engineering principles and technologies. These programs include:

  • Biomedical Engineering: This program prepares students for careers in designing and developing medical devices, prosthetics, and other technologies for healthcare applications.
  • Medical Robotics: This program focuses on the development and application of robots in medical settings, including surgery, rehabilitation, and diagnostics.
  • Biophysics: This program combines physics and biology to study the physical processes underlying biological systems, with applications in healthcare and medical technology.


Sechenov University offers a variety of scholarships for both Russian and international students, including:

  • State scholarships: These are awarded by the Russian government to high-achieving students based on academic merit and financial need.
  • University scholarships: Sechenov University offers its own scholarships for outstanding students, often based on academic performance, research achievements, or involvement in extracurricular activities.
  • External scholarships: Several international organizations and foundations offer scholarships for students studying at Sechenov University.


The cost of studying at Sechenov University varies depending on the program, citizenship, and language of instruction.

  • Tuition fees: For international students studying in English, the tuition fees range from 9,600 USD to 10,000 USD per year for undergraduate programs and 10,000 USD per year for postgraduate programs.
  • Additional expenses: Students need to consider additional expenses such as living costs, accommodation, and health insurance.

Admission Time:

  • Application deadlines: The application deadline for undergraduate programs is usually in July, while the deadline for postgraduate programs varies depending on the program.
  • Admission process: The admission process typically involves submitting an application form, transcripts, test scores (e.g., MCAT, TOEFL), and letters of recommendation. Some programs may also require an interview.

Admission Requirements:

  • National students: Admission requirements for national students may vary depending on the program. Generally, students need to have completed high school with good grades and pass entrance exams.
  • International students: International students must have completed high school with good grades and pass internationally recognized tests like MCAT and TOEFL. Additionally, they may need to submit proof of English language proficiency and undergo a medical examination.

Benefits for International Students:

  • High-quality education: Sechenov University provides a world-class education with experienced faculty and modern facilities.
  • International environment: The university attracts students from over 130 countries, offering a diverse and enriching learning experience.
  • Career opportunities: Sechenov University graduates are highly sought-after by employers worldwide.
  • Support services: The university offers various support services for international students, including accommodation assistance, cultural orientation programs, and language courses.

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Additional Notes:

  • I recommend you visit the university’s website for the latest information on programs, scholarships, and admission requirements.
  • You can also contact the university’s international office for further inquiries.