Gavar State University (GvSU)

Gavar State University (GvSU)

Gavar State University (GvSU), located in the picturesque town of Gavar, Gegharkunik Province, Armenia, is a renowned public university established in 1991. Offering diverse programs, a dynamic research environment, and a commitment to student success, GvSU has become a prominent educational hub in the region.


Gavar State University (GvSU) prides itself on providing high-quality education in a supportive and engaging environment. Its dedicated faculty, modern facilities, and focus on holistic development attract students from all corners of Armenia and beyond. The university fosters critical thinking, academic excellence, and social responsibility in its students, preparing them for successful careers and meaningful contributions to society.


GvSU offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines, including:

  • Humanities: Armenian Language and Literature, History, Philosophy, Foreign Languages
  • Social Sciences: Economics, Law, Sociology, Political Science
  • Natural Sciences: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography
  • Education: Pedagogy, Preschool Education, Foreign Language Teaching
  • Engineering: Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology


Gavar State University (GvSU) recognizes the importance of financial accessibility and offers various scholarship opportunities to both Armenian and international students. These scholarships are awarded based on academic merit, financial need, and other criteria. Details on specific scholarship programs are available on the university website.


Tuition fees at GvSU vary depending on the chosen program and student status (Armenian or international). However, compared to other universities in the region and internationally, GvSU provides a cost-effective education while maintaining high academic standards.

Admission Time:

The admission process for international students typically begins in June. However, it’s crucial to check the GvSU website for the latest deadlines and application procedures.

Admission Requirements:

Admission requirements at GvSU vary depending on the program and student nationality. However, all applicants must possess a high school diploma or equivalent. International students must also demonstrate English language proficiency through tests like TOEFL or IELTS. Specific requirements for each program are available on the university website.

Benefits for International Students:

GvSU welcomes international students and provides various support services to ensure a smooth transition and enriching academic experience. These benefits include:

  • English language courses: To help international students adjust and excel academically, GvSU offers English language courses to improve their language skills.
  • Accommodation assistance: The university assists international students in finding suitable housing options in Gavar.
  • Cultural events and activities: GvSU organizes cultural events and activities throughout the year, allowing international students to immerse themselves in Armenian culture and connect with the local community.
  • Visa assistance: The university provides guidance and support to international students with the visa application process.

Varsity website address:

For the latest information on programs, scholarships, admission procedures, and more, visit the official Gavar State University website: